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Primary Home Tax Relief

03 Октябрь 2017


There are numerous tax reliefs for those who decide to buy home as primary home. With the Finance Act of 2017, the bonus of 2016 is renewed:
- VAT reduction from 21% to 4% for those who decide to buy a property from an enterprise and for those who buy it from private individuals the register tax is reduced.
- the tax relief can be used even if you own a home, but with the obligation to sell it within 18 months after the new purchase.
- Precondition for primary home bonus:
- not to be owner of another property used as first house in the same municipality where the primary house bonus is required;
- not to be entitled to use, usufruct or have main place of residence in another property in the same municipality;
- to have or to set up home within 18 months in the municipality where the property with tax relief is bought (as alternative to the relocation has to be proved that the working place is located in the municipality of the purchased property)
- not to be owner of other properties on national territory bought with the benefit of tax reliefs or they have to be sold within one year.