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02 Октябрь 2017


Now with a click you can find more information about the property, check real estate holders or know if there are any mortgages. Thanks to the "Land Registry and Mortgage Services" of the Revenue Office everybody can know the situation of the purchasing property.
By joining the section of the Revenue Website you can access the mortgage inspection, which allows you to check the records, notes and securities deposited at the Real Estate Services of the Revenue Office. Conveyances, registrations and annotations can also be checked.
Conveyances In these formalities the referenced subject may appear as part "in favour" (buyer) or as part "against" (seller). By inspecting the conveyances you can also see acts of constitution of different types (distraints, seizures, judicial matters).
Registrations Inspecting registrations allows you to view formalities regarding the creation of mortgages on property deriving from financing contracts.
Annotations Documents that modify previous conveyances, registrations and annotations such as cancellations of mortgages and distraints.
Online Mortgage Inspection The telematic service “Private Consultation” allows you to consult the mortgage database, free of charge and taxes, on the property of the applicant. If the applicant is not the holder or even in part of the property, he may use the service “Online Mortgage Inspection” .