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Via Ortigara loc. Punta Faro, 33054 - Lignano Sabbiadoro (Ud) Italia
Стояночное место для яхты

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Машино-место Машино-место
Бассейн Бассейн
Сад Сад

Кондоминиальные расходы: 700.00 евро в год (примерно)

Срок действия государственной концессии, лет: 50 лет начиная с 16.01.1979

Расстояние от центра: 400 mt.

Срок действия государственной концессии истекает: 15.01.2029

Средняя глубина в метрах: 3.00


В восточной части Линьяно-Саббьядоро (Удине), внутри яхтенного порта Marina di Punta Faro (Darsena Est) мы предлагаем на продажу 10 стояночных мест, оснащенных удобным пирсом, размером 8,00x3,00 м в прекрасном месте, защищенном от приливов. Продажа стояночных мест для яхт тесно связана с концессией на "Морское государственное имущество", срок действия которой истекает в 15.01.2029. Предлагаемые на продажу стояночные места для яхт в настоящее время переданы в аренду третьим лицам. Продажная цена, указанная в настоящей карточке, относится к одному стояночному месту для яхты и включает в себя НДС. Большое водное пространство около причала позволяет выполнять маневры безопасно и просто. Причал имеет всю необходимую инфраструктуру: водоснабжение, электроснабжение, сбор мусора, туалеты, души, бесплатный доступ в бассейн Sporting Club, wifi и круглосуточную помощь на причале. В порту вы также можете найти: бары-рестораны, автоматическую прачечную самообслуживания, метеослужбу, заправку, подводных спасателей, бесплатный пляж с рестораном на море, магазин морской одежды и оборудования, судоходное агентство, занимающееся бюрократическими формальностями, Яхт-клуб Линьяно, который организует курсы парусного спорта, верфь с мастерами-специалистами разного профиля, а также самые престижных дилеров судоверфей. Кроме того, в характерном “Isola di Punta Faro” находятся теннисные корты, поле для минифутбола, бассейн, спортзал, амфитеатр для мероприятий на открытом воздухе, бар и ресторан Sporting Club. Порт Marina di Punta Faro был отмечен "Европейским голубым флагом" Фонда природоохранного воспитания в Италии.

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Dear Client,

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1) During the navigation and use of the website, the following information can be collected and processed for the exclusive safety and improvement of the offered services:

  • Access page of the website (using query parameters in the URL);
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The indicated data will be processed for the following purposes:
j) For the regular performance of the institutional activities and/or envisaged by the corporate purpose;
k) For requirements relating to the stipulation of contracts and appointments, to their execution, to subsequent modifications or variations and for any obligation envisaged for their fulfillment;
l) For operational, organizational, managerial, fiscal, financial, insurance and accounting needs related to the contractual and/or pre-contractual established relationship such as: to send you an invitation to express your opinion on the service/made purchase etc.;
m) To fulfill any type of obligation required by laws, regulations or community legislation;
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q) For traditional marketing activities such as: sending brochures, catalogues and commercial and/or technical documentation by paper mail and telephone calls with operator, also on behalf of third-parties;
r) For marketing activities through the sending of promotional and advertising material also by other companies of our Group;
11) The treatment, which will be carried out manually, partially automated and automated, may consist of the following operations: collection, registration, organization and storage, consultation and use, processing, modification, selection, extraction, comparison, transmission and communication;
The treatment of personal data will be carried out both by the use of paper supports and with the aid of electronic, IT and telematic tools suitable to guarantee the security and confidentiality of the data in compliance with the provisions of art. 32) of the European Privacy Regulation EU/2016/679 (GDPR).
In carrying out the processing operations, however, all technical, IT, organizational, logistical and procedural security measures will be adopted. The methodologies mentioned above, applied for processing, will guarantee access to data only to the subjects specified in points 4) and 5)
12) The provision and processing of data is:
- mandatory and does not require your consent for the achievement of purposes related to obligations under the laws, regulations or community regulations. Points c) d);
- essential and does not require your consent for all personal data that are essential for the correct establishment, management and continuation of the commercial and/or contractual relationship. Points a) b) c) e);
- essential and does not require your consent for the pursuit of legitimate business interests; f);
- optional and requires your explicit consent for all personal data collected for purposes not directly and/or indirectly related to contractual obligations, pre-contractual or pursuing legitimate interests. Points g) h) i).

A possible refusal, even if legitimate, to provide all or part of the above data, could compromise the regular carrying out of the relationship with our company and in particular, for personal data on defined as mandatory and indispensable, could result impossibility on our part to carry out normal business operations and the regular delivery of the requested products/services.
4) The subjects or categories of subjects that may be aware of the data or to which personal data may be disclosed are the following:
1) Persons in charge of data treatments: consultants and consulting companies, technical offices, professionals;
2) Data Processors: Administrative area and management, commercial office, marketing office;
3) System administrators.
The personal data may also be disseminated, but only in aggregate or anonymous way and for statistical purposes.
5) The personal data may also be communicated to Public Authorities, Police Forces or other Public and Private Subjects, but exclusively for the purpose of fulfilling legal obligations, regulations or Community legislation. The data in question will not be disclosed to other subjects other than those provided in this statement and the data suitable to disclose the health of the person concerned will in no case be disseminated.
6) The management and storage of personal data take place on servers located within the European Union (Italy) owned and available to the owner and third-party companies, duly appointed as data controllers. The data processed may also be processed and transferred, for the purposes referred to in point 1) and according to the procedures referred to in point 2), also to persons referred to in point 4) allocated to countries belonging to the European Union or non-EU countries on the basis of the conditions established for appropriate Privacy Guarantees.
7) The data will be collected and recorded only for the purposes described above and will be kept for the time strictly necessary to complete the contractually established activities, which in any case will not exceed 10 years from their collection for administrative and accounting purposes.
Regarding the processed data for marketing purposes and specifically the subscription to the newsletter, they will be kept for a period not exceeding 24 months. In each newsletter there is a link that allows the person concerned to subscribe from the mailing list. Nevertheless, once the aforementioned deadline has been reached, the Data Controller will send a specific verification communication containing a link that allows the unsubscription.
8) In any case, you can always ask the Legal Representative for a copy of your personal data, information about the location where your personal data are processed and an updated list with the identification details of all data processors and administrators of the system authorized to process your data.
9) At any time, you can freely revoke the consent given, without any charge and prejudice to the lawfulness of the treatments carried out up to that time, and exercise the following rights of the data subject to the Data Controller as provided by the European Privacy Regulation EU/2016/679: Access, Correction, Cancellation, Limitation, Complaint to the Privacy Guarantor.
The request can be made by writing an e-mail to europa@europare.com

Bibione (Ve), 20.05.2018.

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