Graniceri and Pilu (Romania) county of Arad
Agricultural land
Price on application

General Characteristics

Type Agricultural land
Surface m² 10.500.000


Year built: 2011

Hectares: 1050.00 ha.


In Romenia (European Union), in the county of Arad, in the municipalities of Graniceri and Pilu, we offer with exclusive sale mandate a complete surface of 1.070ha of AGRICULTURALFIELDS (925ha in the municipality of Graniceri and 145ha in the municipality of Pilu) with cultivation of cereal and modern AGRICULTURAL FARM.
Land improvement operations, levelling, drainage canalization works and the building of streets have already been done on the fields for sale.
The agricultural machinary, the equipment and the storage of the harvest are all located in the completely fenced company area which is located close to the national street DN79 which connects Socodor with Pilu is only 18km from Vrsand, at the border to Hungary.
The company was realized during the year 2011 on a surface of 4,64ha and has a storage capacity of 12.500t.
The whole compendium is composed of:
- 6 metal silos with a total storage capacity of 12.000t (2.000t each silo) and equipped with extractors (to eliminate humidity and condensation) and thermometer probes to measure constantly the temperature.
- storage of 773m² for 500t of cereal harvest or for equipment;
- a cereal dryer powered by LPG with a tank of 50.000l and able to dry 500t in 24 hours;
- two well-kept timber houses (houseblock system), completely furnished, heated and air-conditioned;
- green areas with water reservoir in case of fire;
- electronic scale to control the product loading;
- probe for product samples;
- laboratory with hygrometer and other instrumentation to establish the quality and quantity of the agricultural products;
- herbicidal storeroom;
- maintenance room;
- offices, changing rooms, kitchen.

The agricultural farm is provided with the following machinery and equipment:

- 1 tractor John Deere 8520 with front and back twin wheels;
- 1 tractor John Deere 8520 with back twin wheels;
- 1 tractor John Deere 7810 with back twin wheels;
- 1 tractor John Deere 6320 with back twin wheels;
- 1 tractor John Deere 6310 with back twin wheels + thin front and back wheels;
- 1 tractor New Holland T9 450;
- 1 combine harvester John Deere 9780 CTS;
- 1 combine harvester John Deere 5670 I;
- 1 caterpillar bulldozer Fiat AD18B;
- 1 wheeled excavator Fiat Hitachi mod. FH130W3;
- 3 trailers with 2 axles;
- 1 trailer with 3 axles;
- 2 scarifiers Pietro Moro with 3 anchors MR3D;
- 2 scarifiers Pietro Moro with 7 anchors and disk system;
- 1 reversible plough Pietro Moro;
- 2 rotating harrows Maschio&Khun;
- 2 disk harrows;
- 1 fertiliser spreader Khun axis 40.1 QE;
- 1 seeder Monosem 8 rows NG PLUS 4;
- 2 cereal seeders Matermacc MSD-F600;
- 1 weeder Gaspardo 8 rows 5MP HS;
- 1 hydraulic crust breaker Pietro Moro;
- 1 pulverizer of 27hl 24m 2700cm;
- 1 mulcher grifone Maschio;
- other equipment.

The sale negotiation of the complete compendium (agricultural fields farm) is private and the transfer of 100% of the company managed as Ltd under Romanian law and sole owner of the whole compendium.

For more information regarding the property contact our agency by phone: +39.0431.437777 or by e-mail: europa@europare.com

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Bibione (Ve), 20.05.2018.

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