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How to choose property in Bibione and Lignano

11 August 2017


To choose the right property at the seaside of Bibione or Lignano is a project demanding time and clear ideas to reconcile budget, location and personal convenience. The secondary residence is a luxury for everybody, bought to spend holidays of total relaxation with the possibility of all services for having fun. The right location is one of the most important factors, from built-up areas to quiet pinewoods, the seaside resorts Bibione and Lignano offer different zones for different types of vacation.

Discover Lignano Sabbiadoro, synonym of shopping and nightlife, Lignano Pineta, perfect for families loving nature and fun, or Lignano Riviera, offering natural landscapes and relaxation.

Bibione is divided into four parts, perfect for everybody’s requirements, for adults as well as for children: Bibione Pineda, Lido del Sole, Bibione Spiaggia and Lido dei Pini!

Second advice: the size. Think about the type of vacation you prefer, how much time you wish to spend inside and how much time you wish to spend on the beach or at the pool, choose your ideal secondary residence…a two-room apartment in the centre, close to bars and restaurants,  if you are single, or, a house with swimming-pool in a tourist residence, if you have children who need a lot of space. And at the end but not less important, the services every area offer: our third advice! Choose your home according to your personal conveniences, from the private or common swimming-pool to the supermarket at only 200m.

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