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Europa Real Estate Europa Group - Real Estate is the outcome of a group of companies who have been working in the tourist-real estate sector in the Bibione (VE) and Lignano Sabbiadoro (UD) areas for more than 40 years joining forces with the goal of establishing themselves in the tourist real estate market in intermediation and dealing with advertising, buying, selling and management of real estate property.
Our considerable experience in real estate in Lignano and Bibione enables us to propose excellent new and established house and apartment solutions near the beaches to our clients.
Europa Group - Real Estate is one of the oldest real estate companies working in Lignano Sabbiadoro and Bibione and now a reference point for anyone looking for highly interesting properties to buy or rent in the pine forests and a short distance away from the many relaxation and entertainment opportunities which only our coastline and beaches can offer.
The Group's organisation and qualified staff has enabled it to achieve ambitious results both in Italy and abroad and to manage real estate in every planning, building, redevelopment, marketing and management phase.
Our real estate agency's know how and skill enables us to develop buildings, areas and real estate in general requiring complex redevelopment work, working and co-ordinating initiatives directly and on behalf of investors.

Our team's objective is to to provide an exclusive service in partnership with employees, clients and institutions.
The Group's approach to the development of its real estate strategies is environmentally friendly and aims to protect the area. For this reason our real estate proposals are the result of careful and meticulous selection and are made up of a wide range of housing solutions to satisfy every need.
Our professional expertise allows us to carry out all official paperwork quickly and efficiently and to advise and assist our clients in both financial consultancy and planning and in perfecting their living spaces.
Our management has a strategic vision of real estate which is extremely dynamic and at the same time attentive to the continual changes taking place in the sector.
This has enabled the Group to become one of the main building and real estate intermediation companies in Bibione (VE) and Lignano (UD and the surrounding areas.

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