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  Europa Group's Agency - Real Estate with Quality Systems Certified according to Uni-En-Iso 9001:2008 standards


Download here the ISO-9001:2008 certificate issued by QMS


Quality Policy - AGENZIA D'AFFARI EUROPA S.r.l.


The Europa Tourist Group quality policy is the main element in our company organisation to the extent that it is an integral part of our strategy to develop the company by means of its human resources totally hand in hand with technological innovations and promoting and providing services to our clients which are as far as possible in line with the highest standards of the market which Europa Tourist Group works in.

Europa Tourist Group's QMS certification in conformity with UNI-ENI-ISO 9001:2008 is exclusively voluntary and was obtained because the company believes in the importance of this element for clients and investors both in Italy and abroad.
The Europa Tourist Group management understands its leadership role and intends to extend its internal QMS to all its offices raising awareness and supporting its commitment to satisfy QMS demands and improve their efficacy in order to ensure clients top quality service in all its offices.

To this end Europa Tourist Group has involved all the employees in its organisation in its plans to consolidate its ongoing improvement ethic.

For Europa Tourist Group, achieving maximum client satisfaction in relation to the services provided especially as far as efficiency, speed, price, long term reliability and the Group's image are concerned, is the core of all our strategic company decision assessments.

In particular, in order to ensure efficient services at all times, the Europa Tourist Group offices are open every day of the year including bank holidays with a booking and e-call centre allowing for direct interaction between clients and the various offices in the whole company organisation network.

The quality policy drawn up by management has established the following priority objectives in line with its general strategies

•    Constant attention to overall client needs, expectations (including those which are not expressed) and satisfaction.
•    Improvement in reception structures from both the qualitative and quantitative points of view;
•    Careful planning of the various organisational processes in order to optimise human resource use and contain relative costs;
•    Continual learning, awareness raising and training of the resources carrying out their work within the organisation with special attention to QMS;
•    Applying, evaluating and periodic reassessment of this policy, of the objectives contained in it and the achievement of GMS improvement goals.

Goals, indicators and plans and responsibility, if any, are defined for each objective.

Management commits itself to making the necessary means and resources available for the achievement of objectives and fixed goals in terms of competence, equipment, information and economic and financial resources and to monitor its adequacy.

Management intends to base its decisions on data and information analysis, promote a methodological approach focusing on systematic data collection and prompt analysis of it within the company.

To this end, management has appointed a Group Quality Manager (Europa Tourist Group) responsible for monitoring, maintenance and improvement of the QMS in order to achieve our common set goals.

Regular audits are carried out on the QMS in order to verify implementation and their effectiveness in achieving the annual targets set and to give indications on possible amendments.

Management undertakes to review the adequacy of the QMS at least once a year.

On this occasion, the achievement of annual quality targets and any variance from them will be analysed. Our Quality Policy will be regularly reviewed and revised when necessary.

A copy of our quality policy together with an official organisational chart is on display at every Europa Tourist Group office. Our quality policy will also be published on our websites: www.etgroup.info, www.etgrouphotels.com and www.europare.com.

Date 01.01.2011

The Management