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Lagoon Traditions


At the edge of the lagoon facing Baseleghe port, at the western edge of Bibione, you can see charming historic houses built in marsh cane and wood.

These are the "Casoni", characteristic country houses set deep into the natural environment. Once occupied by fishermen, these houses are still used today by their owners in summer.

They are set into the natural valley environment and can be visited on guided tour itineraries which give you the chance to spend a whole day in the natural world and the atmosphere of bygone times.

Entranceways are a single door and furniture is straightforward but practical: a bed, a fireplace made of stone or brick in the centre of the room, a table with benches around it.

These houses remind us of the bond that once existed between man and nature and are traces of historic activities linked to the river such as hunting and fishing.
Beyond the pine forest is another vast expanse of sand dunes, dense canebrakes and fish farms set deep into the lagoon and its fascinating landscape.

At dawn you can watch nature's magical reawakening between the sandbanks and shoals with the variegated colours of the lagoon, many water birds and the characteristic houses appearing one after the other between sea and sky.

Swans are one of the bird species which have chosen Bibione's waters as their natural habitat. They can live undisturbed in the lagoon environment.